International cooperation

NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” is one of the oldest and most famous scientific institutions both in Ukraine and abroad. Modern developments-innovations of the institute allow farmers to ensure profitable production in the field of crop production, optimization of agricultural landscapes, effective land management system, preservation and restoration of resources in the conditions of transformation of land relations and climate change, as well as development of other priority areas of agricultural science of Ukraine.

We successfully cooperate with research institutions of many countries, including Poland, Germany, USA, China, South Korea, Great Britain, Japan, Belgium, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and others. Scientists of the institute take an active part in the implementation of international projects.

International partnership at the Institute of Agriculture has always been one of the most priority areas of scientific research. Understanding the importance of sharing experience with foreign partners, our scientific center supports and develops creative cooperation with scientific institutions around the world. Taking into account the strategic course of the state enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine for the acquisition of full membership of Ukraine in the European Union, the main direction of the international activity of the NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” was determined to be integration into the main scientific program of the European Union – Horizon Europe, because it solves the issue of climate change, helps to achieve the goals sustainable development of the UN and increases the competitiveness and growth of the EU as a whole. The program promotes scientific cooperation and enhances the impact of research and innovation in the design, support and implementation of EU policies while addressing global challenges. This allows full access to the EU talent pool, stimulates economic growth, promotes industrial competitiveness and optimizes the impact of investments within the strengthened European Research Area.

In addition, the NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” supports and develops contacts with other international organizations; participates in international programs and projects, scientific competitions, performs research works commissioned by foreign partners.

The scientific center has developed a set of strategic steps for the integration of the NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” into the global scientific community and to increase the effectiveness of international partnership:

Develop proposals for adjusting national (sectoral) scientific research programs taking into account the priorities of the main scientific program of the European Union – Horizon Europe and deepen cooperation with leading foreign scientific centers, foundations, and programs;

Establish an algorithm for finding grant opportunities and informing scientists about current international projects on industry topics and in related areas. Targeted search for partners and consortium coordinators for joint submission and implementation of joint international projects in the EU research and innovation program – Horizon Europe;

Expand cooperation with the FAO Global Soil Partnership. Establishing contacts and intensifying cooperation with the Coordination Centers (coordinators) of Ukraine for cooperation with the UN Conventions on Combating Desertification, on Climate Change and others, with Regional Representations of the FAO, the Global Environmental Fund, the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and others;

Promotion of internships and academic exchanges of young scientists of the Institute with leading foreign scientific centers and their participation in foreign international conferences, seminars and webinars;

Creation of full-fledged English-language versions of the web resources of the NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS ” for integration into the European scientific space and increasing the awareness of the international scientific community regarding the main directions of scientific activity, scientific achievements, opportunities for fruitful cooperation with foreign scientists.

Despite the difficulties caused by quarantine and war restrictions, the NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” continued to fulfill its obligations under agreements with international partners and ensured the successful implementation of planned works. Scientists of the research center quickly adapted to the new format of holding conferences, seminars and webinars using modern online platforms (Zoom, Skype, GMeet, etc.) and are ready to use them in the future on a permanent basis. The National Science Center “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” is equipped with a material base for full-fledged communication in any digital format and is ready to be a reliable partner at the global level.