Department of breeding and seed linen and canola

The department was founded in 1963 year a laboratory linen (since joining in 2004 year based on 2000 year laboratory breeding and seed rape). Over the years the department was headed by famous scientists – V.M. Evminov, I.P. Kapets, V.M. Moroz and V.P. Dynnyk.

DSC06974The department developed the genetic basis of breeding linen flax, linen kudryash (oil), winter and spring rape, mustard and false flax. We study the genetic nature of basic quantitative and alternative characters, to the selection of these sources and donors signs for further breeding. Development of new and improved existing methods of selection that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work.

DSC07453A high-performance varieties of spring rape (Magnat) and winter (Senator Lux, Champion Ukraine and Moroz) with 00 zero-quality oil, resistant to disease and lodging. Varieties of winter rape Senator Lux, Champion Ukraine and Moroz provide seed yield 3,5-6,8 t/ha and spring rape Magnat – 2,2-3,6 t/ha.

Created and recorded in the Register of plant varieties of Ukraine new high grade linseed – Blakytno-pomaranchevyy, Evrika, Sympatic and Original, with oil content in the seeds of 39-50%, can provide seed yield 1,4-3,5 t / ha resistant disease, lodging and shattering seeds.

The State register of varieties suitable for dissemination in Ukraine includes mustard variety sarepskoyi (winter) Romantyka with yield 3,5-4,8 t / ha, spring white Etalon – 1,2-2,7 t / ha and spring false flax Klondayk yield of 1,5 2.5 t / ha.

Work is continuing on the development model and create varieties and hybrids, synthetics and spring rape and winter linseed based on cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS), which conducted the search for sources of CMS, restorer of fertility and sterility fixing agents. Improved methods of primary and elite seed of these varieties to ensure seed farms of all ownership seeds super, elite and first reproduction.

DSC07573Improved technique of hybridization linen flax and linen oil, which provides 100% tying hybrid seeds, against 60-96% – according to the existing method. The method of selecting resistant to lodging starting material linen flax and linen oil. Development of new and improved existing processes for farming growing linen, which ensure receipt of 1,0-1,5 tonnes 0,5-0,7 tonnes of fiber and seeds per hectare. According to the research created new varieties of flax Ukrainian ranniy, Rushnychok, Vruchyy, Batist.

The head of the department of agricultural sciences candidate Mykola Vitaliyovych Slisarchuk.

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