Division of adaptive intensive technologies of cereals and maize

His timing department leads in 1944 with the establishment of the laboratory of plant physiology. In the years of its existence, the unit led by such prominent scholars as NA Fedorov, VF Saiko et al. The primary focus of research is the development of new technologies of cereals and maize, which are based on the maximum biological potential of modern varieties and hybrids and bioclimatic potential areas of production, adapted to the specific conditions of cultivation and improvement of traditional resource-intensive technologies in an integrated use of chemicals and biologization. The department is working on the creation of high-performance scientific basis agrocenosis cereals and maize in order differential combination in a single technological process elements growing technologies: precursor, varieties, fertilizer systems, seed rates and seed sowing, tillage, crop protection from weeds, pests, diseases and lodging. Фото0156We study the complex impact farming, agro-climatic and biological factors on the conditions of formation of grain for grain products with high quality indicators relevant purpose (food, baking, brewing, feed, technical, for infant and dietetic food) for the maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances and in accordance with requirements of state standards of Ukraine and the world. The team developed methods of forming high crops in modern technology growing cereals, which provide increased yields of these crops by 20-25%, obtaining environmentally safe products, improving quality marketable products, reduce the cost of grain. Scientists monitored the state of grain crops in the experimental farms NSC “Institute of Agriculture Naan” and farms Kiev region. The department coordinates the work of research institutions and Forest Polissya of technology growing crops. Multivariate stationary research department “Development and improvement of technologies of growing crops on the basis of expanded reproduction of soil fertility”, founded in 1987, is a permanent ground for exploring farm managers and agricultural professionals with promising technologies growing cereals and maize. The Department may grant projects growing technologies cereals and corn farms for different forms of ownership and exercise science and practical assistance in implementing their research. The department provided advice on technology and growing crops in agricultural insurance. The department is headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Yula Vladimir. E-mail: tehnointensiv@yandex.ru, tel. (044) 526-17-27.