Department of Soil Science

Department of Soil Science and Soil Microbiology based in the Central agrochemical laboratory in 1900, which launched the modern NSC “Institute of Agriculture Naan”. Department initiated a comprehensive study of the soil of Ukraine, most of which were summarized in the second map soil of Ukraine and the monograph “Soils USSR” (1951r.) who were awarded Prize of the USSR. VV Dokuchaev. At different periods in the laboratory worked great soil scientists – H.H.Mahov, GM Samburu, IA Vlasyuk, D.H.Vilenskyy, MN Hodlin, NB Vernander, IG Wise. At the initiative of employees created the first factory-laboratory bacterial fertilizer production and soil fixing nodule bacteria azotobakterynu. At the present stage of scientific work of combining studies on reproduction and regulation of fertility of soils in the area Polissya Forest, their conservation and sustainable use, the main impact of farming practices on the condition and operation of micro-organisms in them. Examine the patterns of modern-yutsya genesis process of the soil acidic soils, causes secondary acidity humusoutvorennya processes and ways to achieve optimal humus content in the main soils depending on usage. Much attention is paid to the biochemical processes of microbial rhizosphere major field crops by effective use of biological nitrogen and phosphorus remote, developing diagnostic bioassays and integral parameters of the biological activity of the soil. Theoretically substantiated and experimentally confirmed the feasibility of natural zeolite – clinoptilolite and saponite clays as Meli are fixed complex effect on soils light granulometric composition; developed a highly efficient way to reclaiming sandy soils by creating deep in the soil screens. Techniques improve chemical reclamation of saline soils. Recommended to production: advanced technology supporting liming soils; technology efficiency chemical reclamation soda-saline soils; technology ceolite reclamation light soils; methods and timing to achieve optimal performance of the basic properties of light soils; bacterial preparations fixing nodule bacteria (ryzotorfin, ryzobofit) and fosfonitrahin for legumes; techniques create high-performance microbial consortium agronomically valuable groups of microorganisms in the soil and use of bioactive fertilizer Department ahrohruntoznavstva and soil microbiology provides the following services: · Evaluation of the quality of the soil and providing recommendations for effective use of farmland. · Analysis of physico-chemical properties of the soil and establishing the need and frequency of chemical reclamation. · Technological support of the work of deoxidation (lime) soil. Certificate attestation laboratory ahrohruntoznavstva number A09-136, published 30/07/2009 by the Ukrainian State Centre for Standardization and Certification “Ukrstandartsertyfikatsiya.”   Department Nikolai Tkachenko D.Sc. tel. 526-21-06, fax 526-11-07; E-mail: i.z.naan.tkachenko @