Breeding work with winter bread wheat was started in 1946 by Professor V.M. Liebiediev and continued by the PhD in Agricultural sciences P.I. Oseledets from 1956. The most effective work with cereal crops was started in period of the guidance PhD in Agricultural sciences I.K. Kotko since 1967. On the basis of non-traditional method of endosperm injection of winter rye variety Tatsynske holube into winter wheat variety Bezostaya-1 kernels and by following selection were created winter bread wheat varieties Polisska-70, Polisska-90, which in different years were entered in the State register of plant varieties suitable for dissemination in Ukraine. These varieties were sown in large areas in Ukraine and abroad. In 1997 for fruitful work I.K. Kotko was awarded the State prize of Ukraine in science and technology. The PhD in Biological sciences L.M. Sheredeko was the next head of the department and little later Grand PhD in agricultural sciences, Professor V.S. Hirko.
IMG_5804Laboratory of winter rye and spring wheat breeding was founded in 1974, which was the head Grand PhD in agricultural sciences, Professor M.A. Vitvitskyi and in 2010 incorporated in the department of plant breeding and seed growing. Research on cereal breeding held in four locations now: breeding crop rotation of DP DG “Chabany” of Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky district of Kyiv region, breeding base placed in Kopyliv of Makarov district of Kyiv region and the Cherkassy and Panfyly experimental stations. A significant creative contribution to the developing of cereal crops varieties made the head of the department PhD in Agricultural sciences V.M. Starychenko, Grand PhDs in agricultural sciences M.I. Shtakal, PhD in Agricultural sciences L.M. Holyk, A.M. Kyrylchuk, Y.V. Olshanskyi, V.P. Andriiash, N.M. Koval, N.A. Tkachova and A.I. Tkachov.
Winter wheat breeding program focused on creation of highly productive winter bread wheat varieties with high bread-making qualities and winter hardiness, resistant to diseases and lodging, suitable for cultivation in modern agro technologies in condition of Polissia and northern Forest-steppe of Ukraine. In Institute of Agriculture were created varieties of winter bread wheat: Stolychna, Artemida, Benefis, Analog, Kraievyd and others. A number of varieties of new generation entered in the State variety trials now: Shchedrivka Kyivska, Pamiati Hirka, Kesaria Рolisska, Tsvit Кalyny, Myrolubna, Romanivna, Spivanka Рolisska, Vodohrai and others.
We’re improving methods of selection of early ripening and high productive spring wheat varieties with excellent bread-making quality. Created varieties of spring wheat Dniprianka, Rannia-93, Skorospilka-95, Skorospilka-98, Skorospilka-99 and Nedra, suitable for “repairing” of destroyed by frost planting of winter wheat.
Department has been working on the winter triticale breeding since 1996. In the Register of plant varieties of Ukraine in different years entered winter triticale varieties Poliskyi-7, Molfar. In the state trials are testing new varieties of winter triticale Volemyr and Patriot. Was started the breeding work on developing of varieties for bioethanol production.
The most directions of winter rye breeding are snow mold resistance, diseases, lodging and drought by reducing plant height and increasing the degree of root system development and strength of its coupling with the ground. On this trend were created varieties of winter rye Intensyvne-95, Intensyvne-99, Siverske and others.

Head of the department PhD in in agricultural sciences
Vasyl Mykolaiovich Starychenko
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