Department of grain, legumes and fodder crops technologies

Develop scientific basis of new adaptive technologies of cereals , legumes , oilseeds and forage crops on the basis of the formation process management performance based on economic, energy and environmental feasibility for soil and climatic conditions steppes of Ukraine . Coordinates the work of research institutions network NAAS on these issues in the areas of steppes and Polissja.

Research conducted in the following areas:
– Selection of domestic high-performance varieties and hybrids to study the characteristics of their farming to create adaptive technologies varietal breeding;
– Optimization of fertilizer based on rational use of traditional and new types of fertilizer use , crop by-products , green manure crops, biological products based on active strains bacteria and plant growth regulators ;
– Development and improvement of methods of care of crops through the use of fragmented nitrogen fertilizer by feeding stages of organogenesis based on the results of soil and plant diagnostic use for this purpose new types of fertilizers;
– Agrobiological monitoring of crops to control the processes of formation of elements agrocenoses performance and improvement on this basis, varieties and cultivation technologies new generation of hybrids ;
– Development of technologies of cultural elements to obtain an environmentally safe
products in the organic production;
– Development of scientific principles and technologies of annual and perennial forage crops in single-species and compatible crops and improving meadows and pastures for the production of high-quality forage for wild lands and natural forage lands ;
– Monitoring of herbivores , pathogens and entomophagous agrocenoses in cereals and
legumes in order to predict their development and distribution, and population control ;
– Development and improvement of integrated systems of protection of crops from pests and diseases in modern production technologies ;
– Search remedies, alternative chemical ( agronomic , biological , immunological , etc.),
suitable for use in organic production;
– The study of immunity crops to bacterial and fungal diseases ;
– Economic and energy evaluation technologies of growing agricultural crops;
– Development of standards resources for crop production under different technologies;
– Organizational and economic support of organic crop production.

The head office

PhD in Agriculture
Nikolai Adamovich Tkachenko
Structure of the department:

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