Information about weather and winter crops condition in the region of NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” on 02.18.2016.

The average temperature in the region of NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” for the period from 11 to 17 February was up to 2,9 ° C, which is 7,4 ° C above the norm for the second decade of February. The maximum air temperature in the warmest days (February 15) increased to 12,1 ° C. The minimum temperature in the coldest night (13 February) decreased to minus 1,8 ° C. Rainfall during the reporting period was 35.4 mm, which is 177% of normal. Soil temperature at the tillering node depth of winter crops at the reporting date is 2,4 ° C.

Winter grain crops (winter wheat, winter triticale, winter rye) in the region of NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS”, that sown in the optimum time, are in a state of slow recovery.

Table – Dynamics of the sugar content in the tillering nodes of winter crops (according to the NSC “Institute of Agriculture NAAS”), %

Crop Date
24.12.15 13.01.16 27.01.16 15.02.16
Winter wheat 23,5 20,5 19,2 18,4
Winter rye 22,0 22,0 17,8 17,5
Winter triticale 20,0 18,5 17,7 16,9